Monoflop safety relay technology reduces machine downtime

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Monoflop safety relay technology reduces machine downtimeWieland Electric is introducing safety relays incorporating new Monoflop input debouncing technology, a new development that prevents the full fault tripping of safety relays when used with sensors such as pressure-sensitive safety mats or safety light curtains, thereby avoiding the need for full system resets and the resultant costs associated with lost production time. If a restart cannot be achieved via the normal reset button, the ingenious Monoflop circuitry ensures that the fault is triggered as a machine shutdown and the machine will then start with a simple reset rather than going into a fault position. This, in turn, ensures that costly downtime is avoided. Wieland Electric will launch the Monoflop at Health & Safety '10 - North, which takes place at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton on 13/14 October 2010.

The Monoflop is the latest addition to Wieland's comprehensive range of switching devices covering all important safety functions while satisfying customers' complex requirements. Products include the 4000 Series of Universal Safety Relays, which have been designed for use in all routine industrial applications, and samos PRO, a compact modular safety controller for machine and automation applications, with multifunctional base modules that extend its safety functions.

Other products in the range include SMA sensors, an efficient way of protecting operators of mechanical equipment and systems, and the SNH series emergency stop pushbuttons that signal to the machine control system to stop any dangerous action.

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