New version of CVB CameraSuite for 64-bit operating systems

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New version of CVB CameraSuite for 64-bit operating systemsStemmer Imaging is releasing a new version of its sophisticated hardware-independent SDK CVB CameraSuite for 64-bit operating systems, namely Windows x64 and Linux64. From now on, all GigE Vision camera customers of Stemmer Imaging can take advantage of the proven independence and flexibility of CVB CameraSuite on multiple platforms free of charge.

CVB CameraSuite is based on the most comprehensive and powerful implementation of the GigE Vision and GenICam standards and is certified by the standards committee. The fully featured, hardware-independent SDK is the preferred engine for acquisition from any GigE Vision-compatible camera from Stemmer Imaging. It is licensed to the individual MAC address of each GigE Vision camera by means of an individual code number and is therefore not bound to the computer hardware or to special dongles.

Licences for CVB CameraSuite Win32, CVB CameraSuite Win64 and CVB CameraSuite Linux64 are delivered free of charge with all GigE Vision cameras from Stemmer Imaging. For third-party camera manufacturers looking for a reliable and high-performance GigE Vision SDK for their cameras, Stemmer Imaging offers special conditions for CVB CameraSuite.

With CVB CameraSuite, all GigE Vision camera customers of Stemmer Imaging receive a reliable, independent and powerful SDK for the named operating systems that enables the benefits of the GigE Vision technology to be exploited fully. The independent toolkit is said to offer unprecedented versatility in camera interfacing and includes everything customers need to develop imaging applications quickly and easily.

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