New IDS 1.3 MPixel global shutter CMOS camera

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New IDS 1.3 MPixel global shutter CMOS cameraStemmer Imaging is introducing a new family of high-sensitivity CMOS cameras from IDS featuring a 1.3 MPixel sensor with a global shutter. One of the few global shutter CMOS cameras on the market, it is not only suited to imaging fast-moving objects, but offers a sensitivity two to three times that of conventional CMOS sensors. The new e2v sensor is said to bring performance comparable to CCD cameras but at CMOS prices, giving outstanding price/performance.

A good all-round performer, the new camera family is available in USB (UI-1240) and GigE Vision (UI-5240) versions. With both colour and monochrome models available within each data interface family there is a comprehensive choice of configurations. These range from the compact SE versions to the ruggedised RE versions whose housings meet the IP65/IP67 protection classes when used with an optional lens tube. The new e2v sensor has a 1280 x 1024 pixel resolution and a level of colour fidelity that is claimed to be unrivalled. Operating at up to 60 frames/s in the GigE version, this fast, sensitive sensor has a precise, short exposure time of 9us and a fast line scan mode. It can be used for imaging of fast-moving objects that previously would have required the use of high-power flash lighting or more expensive CCD cameras.

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