Movie explains DryLin WJRM hybrid linear bearings

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Movie explains DryLin WJRM hybrid linear bearingsigus DryLin WJRM hybrid linear bearings both roll and slide. Based around the igus DryLin W linear guide family, the DryLin WJRM fits within this system without increasing design width, and is available ex-stock from igus UK in both 10 and 20mm varieties.

For recommended installation of the DryLin WJRM, the main load is carried on the roller bearings, which reduces the driving force required, and the plastic sliders compensate for any lateral loads.

In construction, the self-lubricating plastic sliding plain bearings ensure the hybrid linear system is robust, insensitive to dirt and humidity, and is lightweight and cost-competitive. The polymer rollers, which are also maintenance-free, allow for easy manual adjustment of heavy loads weighing up to 50kg. As such, the igus DryLin WJRM has already been successfully designed into manually adjustable doors, guards, partitions and locks, as well as being used for light handling tasks.

Follow the link to see a movie of the DryLin WJRM hybrid bearing in action.

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