New, improved TwisterChain circular energy chain

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New, improved TwisterChain circular energy chainigus is launching a new generation of TwisterChain circular energy chain that offers significant improvements in terms of smoothness, stability and strength. It has a modular construction in width, height and radius, and is therefore very versatile.

Sturdier than the previous chain, the new igus TwisterChain can tolerate rotary speeds up to 2m/s and twists of +/-200 degrees. This, together with a new trough, provides for highly dynamic and quiet operation in challenging environments. It also has a more cable-friendly, smooth interior that prevents cable damage, and the snap-open crossbars in the inner radius make it easier to install cables.

The new generation TwisterChain is suitable for use with robots, handling and packaging machines, glass machines and general mechanical engineering.

Follow the link to see a movie of the TwisterChain circular energy chain in action.

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