Parker-Origa P1Z rodless cylinders feature magnetic coupling

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Parker-Origa P1Z rodless cylinders feature magnetic couplingParker Hannifin's Parker-Origa Division is launching a range of P1Z magnetically coupled pneumatic rodless cylinders. These new linear drives are available with a single rod and rotating carriage or with integrated parallel anti-rotating guides. They can be used at low speeds from 0.05m/s and feature a high thrust of up to 942N, giving engineers a powerful, precise and flexible option for building automation, process and handling systems.

P1Z Series actuators incorporate proven Parker magnetic technology, with a stainless steel pneumatic cylinder body being fixed between two end plates. A hard anodised aluminium carriage is fitted to the outside of the cylinder body, with the carriage and piston being coupled by means of annular magnets.

In the unguided version, the carriage is free to rotate around the cylinder, through a full 360 degrees, with adjustable pneumatic end-of-stroke cushioning and air ports at both ends. In comparison, the guided version uses two rigid chrome-plated steel guide rails, with optional magnetic sensors to ensure precise linear positioning, and these can be fitted with elastomeric bumpers for light loads or hydraulic shock absorbers for cushioning medium to heavy loads. In addition, this version can be supplied with air ports at just one end of the drive unit for optimum flexibility.

Both versions are suitable for horizontal or vertical mounting, are available with different mounting options, are offered in bore sizes of 16, 20, 25, 32 and 40mm and stroke lengths of up to 2000mm. Their robust stainless steel, chrome and aluminium construction makes them easy to maintain and suitable for use in a wide range of standard and harsh or corrosive industrial applications.

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