M5A hydraulic motors for fan-operated cooling systems

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M5A hydraulic motors for fan-operated cooling systemsParker Hannifin is launching the M5A hydraulic motors, which have been developed to improve the efficiency and performance of fan-operated cooling systems in both on- and off-highway vehicles. The new motors are suitable for use with fan units of up to 20kW, at maximum operating pressures of 300bar (4500psi) and speeds to 4000rpm. In addition, they are compact, lightweight and based on proven technology and are cost-effective and reliable for OEM and retrofit applications alike.

The M5A hydraulic motors are designed to offer high levels of engine efficiency by enabling the speed of cooling fans to be matched precisely to the operating load of each vehicle; this can significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions, while helping to improve fuel economy, minimise wear and extend service intervals.

Each motor features a tough cast iron housing and incorporates heavy-duty components throughout, including specially developed bearings, resulting in a robust unit capable of handling sustained heavy loads. For example, the bearing and motor shaft assembly is capable of withstanding high gyroscopic forces, making the system suitable for use in forestry and construction equipment.

Low noise

Similarly, in order to meet the increasingly rigorous noise and emission standards required in the commercial vehicle sector, the new motors use proven radial vane technology to enable them to operate at particularly low noise levels, even under full load. Indeed, vane motors are among the quietest hydraulic technologies available on the market, as well as being the most energy-efficient in medium-pressure installations.

In addition, the M5A motors feature integrated proportional pressure relief valves and sensor mechanisms. These provide extended functionality - for example, anti-cavitation and dedicated speed control - without the need for auxiliary equipment. For applications where cooling radiators are prone to clogging with dirt or debris, a reverse valve option is also available, which enables radiators to be cleaned simply by reversing the air flow from the pump and fan assembly. Again, the reverse valve is integrated within the motor housing, reducing system size still further.

The new M5A hydraulic motors have been developed for use with original equipment from all major vehicle manufacturers and are supplied in two industry-standards sizes, namely SAE A and SAE B. The new hydraulic motors are also backed by Parker Hannifin's global network of manufacturing, sales and customer support centres.

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