Movie demonstrate Auto-Glide self-guiding energy chain

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Movie demonstrate Auto-Glide self-guiding energy chainigus Auto-Glide self-guiding energy chains eliminate the need for guide troughs, as they glide smoothly and safely on top of each other for travel lengths of up to 50m. Now optimised for the igus E2/000 series E-Chains, with larger gliding surfaces on the Auto-Glide crossbars, the operating life can be extended. Additionally, the innovative clip-on 'guide wing' ensures consistent and safe E-Chain alignment.

The Auto-Glide system operates at speeds up to 1.5m/s. Since the need for a guide trough is removed, the overall system is more compact and quicker to install than traditional long-travel systems. It is also available as a half-tube, enclosed only on the outer radius.

igus Auto-Glide system is suitable for use in greenhouses, storage and retrieval units, conveyor systems, indoor cranes, handling systems and many other long-travels applications.

Follow the link to see the igus Auto-Glide system for E2/000 chains in action.

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