Energy chains for diverse applications on machine tools

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Energy chains for diverse applications on machine toolsigus polymer energy chains are designed to guide and protect cables and hoses, and the new igus RX energy tube is a special product designed for the machine tool industry. It is a smooth, enclosed energy chain that prevents swarf getting into the chain and damaging the cables and, with the igus HT material, can give protection from hot chips up to +850degC.

igus Chainflex cables are designed to survive inside energy chains for millions of movements, even when oil and coolant are present. A full range of cables for servo drive, encoder, fieldbus communications and signals is available.

In addition, igus UK offers ready-made assembles that are designed and assembled to customers' requirements. These range from supplying the Chainflex electrical cables with the connectors already fitted to pre-harnessed energy chains complete with all necessary cables, hoses and connectors.

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