Hand-held sound intensity system measures to IEC 61043

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Hand-held sound intensity system measures to IEC 61043Bruel & Kjaer is launching the hand-held sound intensity system Type 2270-G that will enable machine manufacturers to measure noise emission levels quickly and easily in order, for example, to comply with the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

A combination of strict legislation and customers demanding noise-friendly surroundings has increased pressure on machine manufacturers to indicate, by means of labels and references in the instruction manual and sales literature, the noise output in accordance with national and international standards.

Many machines also contain sub-assemblies and parts from external suppliers, which means that in order for manufactures to predict a machine's overall noise output, they must know the noise generated by these parts.

To simplify this process, Bruel & Kjaer has developed the 2270-G handheld sound intensity system that comprises a handheld sound level analyser (2270), a Sound Intensity Software package (BZ-7233) and the Sound Intensity Probe Kit. This portable, battery-operated system enables one person to make sound intensity measurements complying with the sound intensity international standard IEC 61043, Electroacoustics - Instruments for the measurement of sound intensity - Measurements with pairs of pressure sensing microphones.

Users simply swap the 2270 meter's microphone for the sound intensity probe to start measuring. The BZ-7233 software transforms the analyser into a powerful measurement tool, using the intensity technique to determine sound power levels and locate noise sources using contour maps. A innovative phase calibration technique enables users to make all measurements with a 12mm spacer covering a frequency range from 50Hz to 10kHz.

The sound intensity system is part of Bruel & Kjaer's 2270 range, which includes equipment for many diverse sound and vibration analysis applications.

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