Miniature ovoid gearboxes in a choice of specifications

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Miniature ovoid gearboxes in a choice of specificationsRotalink's newest and smallest miniature ovoid gearboxes are available in three build versions to suit the price and dynamic performance requirements of a wide variety of applications for mechatronics assemblies. The 310, 222 and 210 series gearboxes share the same pressed steel and zinc-plated casing with a nominal volume of under 45mm x 29mm x 20mm deep with four-point face fixing, but the design is modified for progressively higher torque and duty. The top-rated 310 features an innovative spur and planetary gear arrangement in ultra polymer materials that is capable of an output torque of over 4Nm.

310 series gearboxes are aimed at machine automation applications where optimum performance and miniaturisation are key design factors or where existing size-restricted machine designs require higher dynamic performance or increased life vs duty. The 310 has a 6mm diameter output shaft supported on twin ball race bearings and, in addition to its very high torque, is also extremely quiet for use in the biomedical, theatre and vending equipment markets, for example.

Mid-range 210 series gearboxes also use Rotalink's combined spur and planetary output stage design in standard engineered polymer materials, together with a 6mm diameter output shaft supported on twin ball race bearings for torque output up to 2.2Nm. This gearbox offers exceptional cost vs performance and quiet operation for high-torque applications in pumps and valves, instruments and CCTV equipment.

Moderately priced 222 series gearboxes feature an all-spur gear design in engineering polymers with a 4mm diameter stainless steel output shaft mounted on sintered front and nylon rear bearings. This gearbox is capable of delivering an output torque of up to 0.65Nm and suits medium-performance applications for small instruments, pumps and valves, timers, and pan-and-tilt mechanisms for CCTV and the emerging IP camera markets.

Gear ratios and complementary components

Through the 310 and 210 series a wide choice of standard ratios are available, from 26:1 to 2794:1, while the 222 series offers ratios from 7:1 to 782:1. Custom ratios, special shafts, wiring and connector options can also be adapted within the gearboxes, and ancillary products can also be supplied - such as lead screws, pulleys, clutches and encoders.

The 310, 222 and 210 series miniature ovoid gearboxes are featured in detail in Rotalink's new full range catalogue, which is available in PDF format from or as an 80-page, full-colour resource complete with additional application-specific technical information.

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