Micronor radiation-proof resolvers are high-reliability devices

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Micronor radiation-proof resolvers are high-reliability devicesSensor-Technik UK is now supplying Micronor radiation-proof resolvers that are reliable for making angular measurements in applications that are liable to high levels of ambient radiation. Both the RE 3620 R and RE 5032 R resolvers, together with their equivalent geared resolver packages, are rated to survive radiation levels up to 1Grad.

The resolvers are shaftless and brushless devices that feature slotless rotors for improved resolution. Both the 1.45-inch diameter RE 3620 R and the 50mm-diameter RE 5032 R feature accuracy to 10 minutes of arc. Both come as standard with 300mm flying leads that can optionally be specified up to 2000mm long.

Designed and manufactured in Switzerland by Micronor, the radiation-proof resolvers feature a novel design with no electric coil in the rotor. This reduction in components leads to improved reliability and increased resistance to shock loads. Rotational speeds of up to 100,000rev/min are possible and the operating temperature range is -25 to +150degC.

Geared versions of the resolvers feature precision planetary gears, and these devices are available either as open-frame designs or fully enclosed. The TD 2198 is an enclosed device featuring dual RE 3620 R resolvers with 1:1 and 1:1000 step-down gearing. This unit is sealed to IP65 and comes as standard with a 2000mm flying lead.

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