Economical angular rate sensor offers high performance

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Economical angular rate sensor offers high performanceETL Inertial Aerosystems is introducing the LCG50 angular rate sensor, a low-cost miniature package consisting of a MEMS gyro (angular rate sensor) mounted on a small printed circuit board. Manufactured by Systron Donner Inertial, the LCG50 is suitable for applications that might otherwise require more costly instrument-grade sensors, such as the stabilisation of cameras and optical equipment, or for compensating for angular movement and jitter. Other applications include platform stabilisation, vehicle instrumentation, robotics, flight testing, automation, guidance and control systems, and short-term navigation.

Operating from a 5V DC supply and drawing less than 8mA, the device outputs the angular rate as a DC voltage signal. The LCG50 angular rate sensor is said to be particularly useful for embedded applications where mounting versatility is required. The device's excellent performance is based on SDI's proven quartz MEMS sensing element, which provides superior bias stability, repeatability and low noise. The bias variation with temperature is 10deg/s.

The solid-state design and self-contained electronics ensure a long service life. The operating temperature range is -40 to +80degC and the LCG50 angular rate sensor is capable of surviving shock loads of up to 500 'g' and vibration of 10 'g' RMS.

Suitable for use where space and weight are at a premium, it measures 29.4 x 29.4 x 10.7mm and weighs 12g. Inertial Aerosystems can supply the LCG50 in standard full-scale ranges of +/-20, +/-100, +/-250 and +/-500deg/s.

For further information about the LCG50 angular rate sensor, contact Derek Noble or Richard Bowman on +44 (0)203 258 0023 or go to

23 November 2010

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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