Module translates measurement data into CAN messages

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Module translates measurement data into CAN messagesHGBM is launching the MX471 CANbus module that features four independent CANbus interfaces and integrates seamlessly into the QuantumX universal measurement system. This enables CAN messages to be synchronously acquired and stored for all analogue or digitally measured quantities such as torque, force, strain, displacement, pressure, rotational speed and temperature.

The MX471 is designed to complement the QuantumX to provide users with a versatile and simple-to-operate system that is backed by comprehensive software support. It supports both the writing and acquisition of CAN messages; this enables quantities directly acquired by a QuantumX amplifier to be sent as individual CAN messages, thereby adding a powerful gateway functionality to the measurement system.

HBM's new CANbus module supports high-speed CAN and is connected to a PC or a data logger via Ethernet TCP/IP or FireWire. Configuration is said to be easy and, for example, uses description files in DBC format. CAN messages can be used to trigger measurement recordings, while the status of any network nodes can be logged and shown directly at the device.

According to HBM, any application involving extensive use of CANbus can benefit from the MX471 CAN bus module.

Follow the link for more information about the MX471 CANbus module.

01 November 2010

HBM United Kingdom Ltdvisit website
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