digiCLIP signal amplifier modules with DeviceNet interface

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digiCLIP signal amplifier modules with DeviceNet interfaceHBM is launching the 1-DF30DN and 1-DF31DN digiCLIP modules with a DeviceNet interface to extend the range of suitable applications for its universal industrial amplifier. The interface has been developed to conform strictly with the ODVA standard specifications to ensure trouble-free integration within automation systems.

HBM digiCLIP amplifiers are typically used for process monitoring in industrial plants, where they acquire process variables such as pressure, force or torque and make them available to downstream controls. In addition, digiCLIP amplifiers are available with CAN and Profibus interfaces to give a range of digital amplifiers that can be integrated with leading fieldbus systems into any automation control.

The amplifiers support Teds, the electronic data sheet protocol that enables connected transducers to be detected automatically - hence the digiCLIP is parameterised without any action from the user - which saves configuration and commissioning time. The digiClip amplifiers also feature user-friendly parameterisation software, and interference immunity is claimed to be excellent because measured values are transferred digitally. These features make the digiCLIP modules particularly suitable for use in industrial environments.

An integrated microprocessor provides rapid processing of measured values with peak value detection, as well as fast-acting limit value switches that respond in milliseconds. A variety of monitoring and control tasks can easily be resolved while production cycle times can be reduced because there is less burden on control systems.

The compact digiClip modules mount on DIN rail in the control cabinet, making it easy to combine them with other standard control hardware.

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15 November 2010

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