MeterLink enables thermal imagers to capture Extech meter data

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Flir Systems is now offering its Flir B620 and B660 thermal imaging cameras with MeterLink technology. These high-end cameras therefore benefit form the same wireless connection technology that was introduced on the company's entry-level cameras in March 2010, enabling the cameras to capture data from Extech meters.

These latest Flir B-Series cameras receive values from MeterLink-enabled Extech meters via Bluetooth and automatically embed these readings in the image so thermographers can correlate all the relevant information. It also reduces the potential for notation errors and saves time during reporting.

The MeterLink feature, together with high thermal sensitivity of <30mK, contrast optimisation, built-in GPS and a wide choice of analysis tools is claimed to put the top-of-the-range Flir B-Series models in a class of their own. The cameras also support the Panorama feature, which is also claimed to be unique to Flir cameras. This smart imaging stitching tool enables every pixel to be transferred to a composite image complete with its own radiometric data. So, regardless of the eventual image size, accurate temperature measurement is assured and the enlarged image retains its JPEG format.

With MeterLink added to the Flir B620 and B660 cameras, this technology is now available across a wider range of Flir range infrared cameras.

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