TopLine inverters are cost-effective for servo applications

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TopLine inverters are cost-effective for servo applicationsLenze is extending its 8400 range of frequency inverters with the addition of a TopLine version for servo applications, and with a power extension up to 45kW. The 8400 range is already proven to give performance up to low-end servo levels - for example, up to 180 cycles per minute with a standard asynchronous motor. Now the TopLine versions take on synchronous motors with performance advantages gained from the lower inertia of these models. Being based on high-volume inverters, TopLine units benefit from significant cost advantages compared to the alternatives of low-cost servo drives.

TopLine is the latest addition to the Lenze 8400 range and was unveiled at the SPS exhibition in November 2010. In line with the lower-specification StateLine and HighLine versions on which it is closely based, TopLine is available from 0.25kW up to a newly extended maximum of 45kW. All three versions are compact units suitable for standalone or networked drives. Class-leading features include integrated filters, brake transistors, pluggable memory chip and CANopen. Optional fieldbuses are Profibus, Profinet, EtherCAT and Powerlink.

Moreover, TopLine adds to these features with the ability to control synchronous motors and increased feedback options, which enables it to take on the majority of servo applications. Compared to standard asynchronous motors, synchronous servo motors have a much lower inertia, typically by 65 per cent or more, which leads to improved dynamic performance. The new drive has matching feedback option for synchronous motors. It connects to resolvers, TTL incremental and SSI absolute encoders.

Lenze's 8400 TopLine is designed for repetitive positioning tasks such as pick-and-place, as well as storage and retrieval units; 200 per cent overload is available for 3 seconds and, depending on the application, performance of up to 300 cycles per minute with 0.01mm accuracy can be achieved. In complex and multi-axis machinery, TopLine is said to be easy to integrate. One software application, Lenze L-force Engineer (which is free of charge for the basic version), can be used to set the operating parameters for all of the 8400 inverters, together with Lenze controllers, I/O and HMI devices.

The new 8400 TopLine is available in 16 power levels from 0.37 to 45kW, enabling designers to match their requirements. Users benefit from the compact dimensions and ease of use, but the biggest gain is in the purchase cost arising from the low-cost inverter design base. Integrated features such as filters and brake transistors save further space and costs.

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