IE2 motors with outputs from 0.55kW and above

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Nord Drivesystems now provides IE2-compliant three-phase motors delivering outputs as low as 0.55kW. These models are said to be ahead of the new European energy-saving standard: from June 2011, the IE2 standard is compulsory for motors delivering outputs of 0.75kW or above. Similar regulations apply in almost all other markets, with exceptions only in a few Asian countries – in China, for instance, the GB18613 norm requires Grade 2 efficiency, a grade similar to IE2, even for small motors of 0.55kW and above, starting in July 2011.

For energy-saving motors, Nord uses more active material and higher quality sheet metal with smaller losses, and increases the copper filling factors. The improved design results in greater power reserves. Consequently, motors with a smaller power rating can be used in many applications, creating additional efficiency benefits. These performance improvements stem from a reduced partial load range, in which efficiency is necessarily lower.

While Nord will continue to supply motors compliant with the former EFF2 certification, they will not be labelled as such in the future. For selecting the right drive, Nord provides cutting-edge consultation in line with and up to date with the respective national standards. Detailed information about energy-efficient motors is available at

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