samos NET connects multiple modular safety controllers

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samos NET connects multiple modular safety controllersWieland Electric is launching samos NET, a dedicated bus system that has been designed for use in conjunction with the company's samos PRO to simplify the interconnection of machines and systems. Wieland describes samos PRO as a compact modular safety controller for machine and automation control, with multi-functional base modules that are interlinked so that safety functionality may be extended module by module.

According to Wieland, the introduction of samos NET means that safe signals can now be safely transmitted, processed and evaluated within a machine network via the samos NET bus system; samos NET therefore negates the need for time-consuming wiring of safety sensors to a central safety control and the network can have a length of up to 100m. Up to four complete samos PRO systems can be safely interconnected with the samos NET bus system, giving control over a total of 384 safe inputs and 192 safe outputs. For safe interconnection, the user only needs to install the new SP-SCON-NET controller in the samos PRO control, also enabling parallel configuration and commissioning of different system parts and reducing processing times and operational downtimes while increasing productivity.

Configuration and diagnosis of samos NET projects is carried out centrally via one of the interconnected samos PRO systems using the samos PLAN programming tool (release V1.3). samos PRO modular safety controls interconnected via samos NET meet the requirements for SIL 3 according to IEC 61508 and EN 62061, and PL e (Category 4) according to EN ISO 13849-1.

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