LeeP plastic springs now 30 per cent stronger

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LeeP plastic springs now 30 per cent strongerLee Springs says its high-performance LeeP composite plastic compression springs are now up to 30 per cent better in terms of spring rates and load capacity at solid height - and there is no extra charge for this improved performance. According to the company, the impressive improvement in specification for the plastic springs comes from using the latest manufacturing techniques.

Benefiting from the strength of metal and the attributes of high-performance Ultem PEI (polyetherimide) resin, the plastic composite springs offer designers the opportunity to use springs in entirely new ways in machinery and product designs.

Besides being recyclable, RoHS- and REACH-compliant, the strength-to-weight ratios for these springs are considerably higher than those for conventional metallic springs. Other distinctive attributes include excellent corrosion resistance, dielectric insulation, non-magnetic and low flammability.

Lee Spring uses different formulations of Ultem to provide a range of performance characteristics for springs that are otherwise identical. Six colour-coded strengths are offered in standard sizes, and springs can be manufactured to custom performance specifications on request.

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