Z-Laser ZM18-DM multi-purpose line laser is easy to integrate

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Stemmer Imaging is introducing the new Z-Laser ZM18-DM multi-purpose line laser that is easy to integrate with machinery or processes. Capable of producing structured lighting for 3D measurement, surface inspection and alignment applications, the ZM18-DM is available in red, blue and IR wavelength versions with output powers of up to 200mW.

This versatile laser has a wide variety of Gaussian/uniform line optics and various diffractive optic elements available, including line, cross, dot matrix and circle. Simple manual focusing improves image resolution and the laser classification does not change with focus. Since there is no removal of lenses, there is no need for additional tools.

The ZM18-DM operates from 5-30V DC supplies and has over-voltage protection and surge/spike protection. It can be modulated digitally up to 100kHz, enabling the laser intensity to be varied to suit the colour of material being inspected, and also enabling it to be synchronised to the camera trigger for extended laser lifetime. A built-in microcontroller and serial interface means parameters such as operating hours and temperature may be logged. An LED indicator shows when the laser is operating and provides a warning in the event of a failure.

An IP67-rated, fully waterproof enclosure means that the laser can be used even in environments where the surrounding equipment needs to be washed down. The unit is thread-mounted for simple and easy mounting, as well as providing excellent heat dissipation in elevated temperatures. The laser has an M12 industrial standard connector.

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