IDS uEye cameras offer greater versatility and USB 3.0

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IDS uEye cameras offer greater versatility and USB 3.0Stemmer Imaging reports that the popular IDS uEye cameras now benefit from enhanced functionality thanks to a new Linux driver. In addition, all USB 2.0 camera models have been shown to be compatible with USB 3.0. The new Linux driver version 3.70 offers the same level of functionality as the established Windows drivers and enables developers to create applications that will work under both operating systems without any additional design effort. Compatibility of USB 2.0 models with USB 3.0 is good news for users wishing to upgrade their computer systems and make use of the enhanced data transfer speed offered by USB 3.0.

Linux driver version 3.70 is free for all uEye users and features new API functions for setting colour space and colour temperature and for de-bouncing the digital input (trigger). The software update supports the entire range of IDS cameras, including CMOS and CCD sensors that offer great versatility for a diverse range of imaging applications.

Extensive testing of IDS USB 2.0 cameras with several PC mainboards equipped with USB 3.0 connections has shown that 100 per cent of the performance and functionality of the cameras is maintained. This compatibility also includes the cables and hubs that have been tested. The USB 3.0 serial digital bus offers data transfer rates up to 5Gbit/s.

The versatile uEye camera range includes models with 1.3 Megapixel global shutter CMOS sensors, 1.2 Megapixel CCD sensors, high-resolution 10 Megapixel sensors and sensors for applications requiring a high dynamic range. Miniature cameras for machine vision and security applications are also available.

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