New Silicon Software microEnable IV frame grabbers

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Stemmer Imaging is introducing the Silicon Software microEnable IV AD4-CL and VD4-CL frame grabbers, which are claimed to be the world's fastest FPGA-based CameraLink frame grabbers. The AD4-CL and VD4-CL are both PCIe x4 CameraLink frame grabbers featuring the new DMA 900 FPGA engine, offering data transfer rates of 900MB/s to the host PC for image acquisition. This enables users to take full advantage of the fastest CameraLink cameras with no data loss. The new boards are expected to find applications with OEMs for image acquisition.

The microEnable IV VD4-CL features an additional FPGA vision processor that provides powerful and fast image processing independently of the host CPU. FPGA designs can be quickly and easily programmed and tested using Silicon Software's VisualApplets programming environment. VisualApplets eliminates the need for expert FPGA programming and provides extensive and flexible image processing functionality for software developers, plus rapid application development for developers and FPGA engineers.

Both boards support dual independent base, single medium or single full CameraLink cameras and their stable and robust operation is said to offer an exceptional price/performance ratio. They also support add-ons such as the CLIO interface, which is used for data redistribution, and the Trigger digital IO interface, which enables integration of peripheral devices such as encoders or lighting. A PixelPlant interface is also available for the VD4-CL to provide additional hardware resources for more complex image processing tasks. Other boards in the microEnable IV range offer Power over Cameralink (PoCL) and mini PoCL on a base CameraLink interface, as well as providing support for Linux and QNX in addition to Windows.

The latest version of VisualApplets provides easy-to-use GUI access to more than 200 operators from Machine Vision libraries for real-time image and signal processing on the FPGA vision processor. Image processing functionality includes sensor corrections, image enhancement, colour processing, filtering, arithmetic operations and many more.

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