New Optronis CamRecord high-speed GigE cameras

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New Optronis CamRecord high-speed GigE camerasStemmer Imaging is introducing the Optronis CamRecord CR3000x2 and CR4000x2 high-speed GigE cameras, which are said to offer outstanding combinations of frame rates and resolution for applications as diverse as measurement and process analysis in machine building and industrial production, as well as materials testing and broadcasting. The cameras are available in monochrome and colour versions and they also feature the new user-friendly TimeBench software for intuitive camera control.

The CamRecord CR3000x2 camera features a fast, progressive scan CMOS sensor that has a resolution of 1696 x 1710 pixels and a frame rates up to 100,000fps, depending on the resolution selected. The frame rate is 540fps at maximum resolution, while at lower resolution the frame rates are 1000fps for 1200 x 1200 pixels, 5000fps for 500 x 500 pixels, and 100,000fps for 96 x 38 pixels.

The CamRecord CR4000x2 camera features a 4 megapixel image sensor with excellent sensitivity to light, making it suitable for imaging sequences in low-light conditions. In addition to the applications listed above, the CR4000x2 can be used in ballistics applications. This camera can record images at 500fps at the full resolution of 2304 x 1720 pixels and an impressive 800fps at full-HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

Both cameras have a choice of 2, 4 or 8GB internal memory. With 8GB memory, the CR3000x2 has 5.5s of recording time at the full 8bit data rate, while the CR4000x2 has a recording time of 4s. A rugged aluminium housing enables the cameras to be used in harsh environments and they are supplied with a Nikon F-mount as standard or an optional C-mount.

Sequence recording can be triggered either using an intelligent image processing algorithm or by a conventional trigger signal. Pre- and post-trigger features ensure that events can be observed irrespective of when they occurred.

TimeBench software can be used for the complete setup of all camera parameters and features a simple-to-use navigation slidebar. It shows images in realtime and is a powerful tool for the analysis and storage of high-speed sequences. It can be used with single camera applications or for synchronous multi-camera operation. TimeBench provides distance, velocity and frequency measurements and allows the export of AVI video files.

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