Variohm to distribute Prignitz pressure sensors and transmitters

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Variohm to distribute Prignitz pressure sensors and transmittersVariohm EuroSensor is introducing the Prignitz range of pressure sensing, transmitting and display products to the UK. This follows a new exclusive distribution agreement with the German manufacturer Prignitz Mikrosystemtechnik GmbH. The Prignitz range broadens Variohm's application capability with flush diaphragm pressure sensors that are especially suited to food and biomedical/pharmaceutical uses, as well as a line of differential low- and high-pressure switches with built-in displays that will find applications in precision pressure management across the processing, water treatment and HVAC engineering industries.

Prignitz products are said to be characterised by high quality and high reliability, are manufacture to ISO 9001:2000, and many pressure sensing products having ATEX approvals. The company also takes a flexible approach, with custom manufacture available throughout its product range.

The SIT pressure transducer, based on thin-film silicon measurement technology, is available in two main versions. The DM variant is aimed at food and pharmaceutical pressure measurement up to 40bar and is designed in accordance with European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines, while the PTLM variant is used for industrial applications of up to 4000bar. Both have several measurement range options and rugged stainless steel construction with IP65 protection as standard. Flush diaphragm options are available throughout to prevent material build-up on the diaphragm and facilitate easy cleaning. In particular, the DM version has an extremely smooth RA value surface finish for the pressure-contacting elements. The SIT range can be supplied for voltage or current output and features a PC programming capability for setting zero-point, offset, range and many other characteristics, in addition to a straightforward zero correction feature using a simple external magnet.

Liquids and gases

DPTM compact differential pressure transducers for liquid and gas measurement are rated up to static pressures of 1000bar. Aimed at pneumatics, process engineering and HVAC applications, the IP66 unit is supplied in 0-10V DC and 4-20mA versions, both with and without a four-character display. The DPTS-20 is similar in construction and is used for air and non-aggressive gas pressure measurement, offering a switching function that is suited to HVAC applications - such as supervision systems for air filtration and ventilators.

Other interesting Prignitz pressure measurement products now available from Variohm include the extremely compact SPT-SK pressure transducer for liquid and gas pressures to 40bar. The thin-film silicone sensor offers an excellent price/performance ratio and is especially suited to building HVAC and OEMs for domestic water and air conditioning monitoring. Also available is the new rugged DPTP differential transducer for panel or DIN rail mounting. Measuring just 85 x 48 x 34mm and with removable connectors for ease of installation, the moulded ABS sensor uses patented silicon-glass technology and suits low-pressure applications in building automation, ventilation and air conditioning up to 0-25Pa to 0-6kPa differential pressure. The DPTP range also has traceable calibration to Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD) standards.

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