BOS 18M photoelectric sensors deliver higher performance

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Balluff has re-engineered its family of BOS 18M photoelectric sensors to include the BOS 18M Red Light Sensor with a sensing range up to 300mm, and the BOS 18M Laser Diffuse Sensor with high-precision background suppression for detection of small parts.

The BOS 18M Red Light Sensor offers precise switching response and excellent repeat accuracy. Its cutting-edge LED technology and the latest Fresnel lenses form an innovative and powerful photoelectric sensor with reliable background suppression for improved repeat accuracy and a precise switching response even at large distances. Black objects are always detected correctly.

The BOS 18M Laser Diffuse Sensor is claimed to offer the most precise sensor with laser background suppression in a tubular housing on the market. The highly visible, small light beam can even look through small holes and makes the sensor suitable for detecting small parts down to 0.1mm, such as in wire detection.

Just how precise the background suppression is can be seen in the fact that even the thickness of a business card can be identified by this sensor. Detection is reliable, regardless of the object colour. With a 6 per cent grey shift, the background can even be brighter than the target object; the BOS 18M Laser Diffuse operates over a range of 30–150mm.

Both sensors feature rugged metal housings and use a four-pin M12 connector; the sensors operate at a switching frequency of 500Hz, switching with high precision, and a 10-turn potentiometer enables users to set the background suppression precisely.

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