New slimline Type 4 safety light curtains with 14mm resolution

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ifm electronic is launching new safety light curtains with 14mm resolution for finger detection. Designed for areas of machine access where an operator's fingers could be injured, the latest addition to the OY range of light curtains from ifm electronic meet Type 4 to IEC 61496, SIL3 to IEC 61508 and PLe to ISO EN 13849-1.

These new additions to the OY safety light curtain range complement the devices launched earlier in 2009 in the elegant slimline housings measuring a mere 28 x 30mm.

Ten models of the 14mm resolution type make up this additional selection, with protected area heights ranging from 160 to 1510mm in 150mm increments. Each of the ten types will protect an area up to 6m wide.

Combinations are possible to cover areas on adjoining planes. So, for example, if an L-shape guard is needed, placing two units together will achieve this, as the individual elements provide coverage right up to the end of the device.

OY series light curtains and grids are available as Type 2 or Type 4 devices to IEC 61496 in heights from 160 to 1510mm covering distances up to 20m with resolutions from 14 to 90mm. All have the very slim housing (28 x 30mm), and the beams are incorporated right up to the end of the housing, which enables installation without any deadband.

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