Downhole gauge connectors are robust and reliable

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Downhole gauge connectors are robust and reliableITT Interconnect Solutions is publishing a new Applications Note detailing the use of its new permanent downhole gauge connectors for use in today's demanding exploration and production projects. The cost of exploration continues to rise steeply as wells have to be drilled ever deeper, resulting in increased demands on the equipment used.

Maximising production efficiency is critical for cost-effectiveness and, with conventional gauge connectors no longer proving robust enough, ITT ICS set out to engineer a solution to this problem: connectors and gauges that can operate at the maximum limits of metal-clad cables, remaining operational at up to 200degC and up to 10,000psi pressure. The challenge was to design and manufacture a field-attachable connector with sealing that could be checked on-site before operational deployment in the well. The connectors had to be able to be welded direct to the gauges and be no larger than the diameter of the gauges themselves, owing to very tight downhole well dimensions.

ITT ICS therefore created the Permanent Downhole Gauge Connector that protects gauges from damage arising from failure of metal-clad cable sheathing and fits wells with small casing sizes. Its replaceable metal-to-metal connector-to-cable seal is both field-attachable and verifiable on site. The design also includes an advanced elastomer back-up seal. The Permanent Downhole Gauge Connector is reusable.

Applications include: deep-set gauges to monitor ESP intake and discharge pressures in order to maintain optimum ESP efficiency; deep set gauges to detect water, steam or CO2 breakthrough; and deep set gauges to monitor the effect of hydraulic fracturing in real time.

Further details are available in an Application Note freely downloadable from

14 February 2011

ITT Interconnect Solutions (ITT ICS)visit website
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