New single-piece, surface-mountable coin cell holder

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New single-piece, surface-mountable coin cell holderHarwin is expanding its range of EZ BoardWare products with the introduction of a single-piece, surface-mountable coin cell holder that ensures coin cells are retained in place securely while cutting assembly time. EZ Coin Cell Holders can accommodate 12.5mm diameter x 2.5mm thick BR1225 and CR1225 coin cells and are available in tape-and-reel packaging.

Low-profile EZ Coin Cell Holders are said to provide a cost-effective solution to the problem of battery mounting. Coin cells are secured in place, yet they can be quickly and easily removed when they require replacement.

Manufactured in phosphor bronze and tin-plated, the single-piece, surface-mountable coin cell holders employ a twin-beam contact design, resulting in a mechanically strong product. Product Manager, Paul Gillam, comments: "EZ Coin Cell Holders enable companies to reduce manufacturing costs while achieving a very secure solution. The product will suit most markets, with typical applications including on-board power supplies to drive memory circuits."

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