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Balluff is expanding its popular, economical GlobalProx family of proximity sensors to include two-wire inductive sensors offering resistance to welding spatter and capacitive sensors for level detection or object detection of non-metallic components.

GlobalProx represents a broad range of top-quality, value-priced sensors with proven reliability and performance. Each sensor is 100 per cent tested to ensure conformance to specifications and years of trouble-free operation. All sensors are CE marked and cULus listed and are backed by Balluff's lifetime warranty.

Throughout the family connector and cable versions are available and, for easy and reliable installation, M8 to M30 models have fully-threaded housings. This also enhances the sensors' ruggedness and reliability.

The latest flush-mountable two-wire DC GlobalProx sensors now include PTFE-coated versions that are resistance to weld spatter. Available in flush-mountable housing sizes M8 to M30, these sensors have extended switching distance in normally-open or normally-closed, polarised or non-polarised versions. These sensors are also available with pigtail connection.

M12, M18 and M30 GlobalProx Capacitive sensors combine versatility with maximum EMC and are housed in plastic or stainless steel - and in both connector and cable versions. Globalprox capacitive sensors adapt quickly to the application using an accessible potentiometer and high-visibility LED. The flush switching characteristics of the object detection version enable a large switching distance, even when detecting plastic components. The non-flush level sensors ensure more effective compensation for contaminants that adhere to the sensor.

With over 350 models in the ever popular GlobalProx three-wire inductive sensor range, these cylindrical sensors are available in 6.5mm diameter to M30 housings, with PNP or NPN flush and non-flush mounting, and PVC or PUR connector or cables.

Mounting Globalprox sensors is said to be very easy, as Balluff offers a custom tailored and tested range of accessories for quick installation, including quick-lock clamps, brackets and mounting cuffs. In addition to connectors and cables, Balluff offers an industrial connectivity line including passive and active distributor boxes.

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