New low-cost Kistler NC Electromechanical Joining Module

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New low-cost Kistler NC Electromechanical Joining ModuleKistler Instruments is launching a low-cost NC Electromechanical Joining Module that is designed for standard joining processes - and the low price has been achieved without compromising performance.

The 400mm stroke enables deep end points to be reached, while stroke speeds of up to 150mm/s offer a quick-return stroke and short machine cycles, even for long idle strokes. The use of the absolute encoder, which is part of the standard equipment on all Kistler NC joining modules, eliminates the need for reference point determination, even during operation. A piezoelectric force sensor integrated within the robust case offers a choice of two predefined measuring ranges, 50kN and 25kN, for precision force measurement.

Kistler's NC Compact Firmware, which is integrated into the servo controller, is suitable for simple force-displacement evaluation and documentation of standard joining tasks. With only a three-phase electrical supply needed, infrastructure costs are low, making the NCFB joining module easy to integrate within existing production control systems.

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22 February 2011

Kistler Instruments Ltdvisit website
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