MKM double-flange bearing is easy to install

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MKM double-flange bearing is easy to installigus is introducing the MKM double-flange bearing. This press-fit bush is pushed into position, then the second flange is turned down in one step.

The MKM bearing is therefore axially located on both sides and pre-tensioned; it has a tolerance compensation of the sheet thickness. Furthermore, it is available in two materials, the standard iglidur M250 material or an electrically conductive material that can go through an E-Coat paint process.

These iglidur MKM double-flange bearings are suitable for use in sheet metal structures that need to be painted after fitting - such as in car seat frames, roofing systems and furniture.

Having the same maintenance-free, lubricant-free and wear-resistant characteristics as other iglidur bearings, the MKM bushes can be specified with the aid of online tools such as the igus life calculator.

Follow the link to watch a short movie that shows how easy it is to fit an iglidur MKM bearing.

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