High-speed colour cameras with VGA resolution

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High-speed colour cameras with VGA resolutionStemmer Imaging is now supplying Dalsa Genie HC series GigE Vision colour cameras. These are claimed to deliver exceptional image quality at high speeds. The Genie HC640, HC1024 and HC1400 capture image data at impressive speeds of up to 300FPS in VGA resolution or 64FPS at 1400 x 1024 resolution, and are said to be available at a much more favourable price point than a CCD camera with equivalent image quality.

The Genie HC series utilises Dalsa's proprietary colour sensor technology to provide excellent image quality and high-speed operation with uncompromised signal-to-noise ratio. The camera provides a raw Bayer output to maximise the frame rate and colour decoding can be achieved on the host CPU or, using Stemmer Imaging's Common Vision Blox, on the Graphics Processor (GPU).

Genie HC cameras are suitable for high-speed recording applications and also provide a runtime license for Dalsa's proven Sapera Essential software, which offers a versatile imaging library as well as specific tools for simple and advanced machine vision applications.

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