New Vector series PFC capacitor banks are easy to install

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New Vector series PFC capacitor banks are easy to installABB's new Vector series automatic capacitor banks are provide power factor correction (PFC) for industrial and commercial low-voltage networks. The key feature of the Vector series is ABB's state-of-the-art CLMD03 dry capacitor technology delivered in a modular system that is easy to install, operate and service while ensuring exceptional reliability and efficiency. Because of the way in which electricity suppliers charge their customers, installing PFC can achieve payback in as little as one to two years. Companies that benefit most are those operating inductive loads, such as motors and furnaces.

The Vector series is fully type tested and is claimed to deliver the maximum possible reactive power within the minimum footprint. Power ranges from 25-400kvar are available in four factory-built modules, including three ranges of freestanding, floor-mounted cubicles (Vector 400D, Vector 300 and Vector 200) and the Vector 100 wall-mounted enclosure.

For panel builders, the Vector series also includes individual capacitor shelves so that they can integrate ABB's PFC technology as part of their own low-voltage panels.

Vector modules are simple and easy to operate thanks to the multiple automatic functions provided by the integral RVC controller. For enhanced functionality, ABB also offers the more advanced RVT controller.

Power quality advice

The presence of harmonics on the network might cause problems for the PFC capacitors, resulting in general reliability issues such as nuisance tripping or even premature failure. On request, ABB's Power Quality specialists can carry out a network harmonic study. If harmonics are present, a simple answer is provided by adding reactors to the Vector equipment to create a detuned installation. The detuned approach is recommended for applications where the network harmonic content is known to be greater than 15-20 per cent. To avoid future problems it is often good practice to specify detuned equipment as a matter of course.

ABB offers a 'total PFC equipment' approach that extends beyond supplying the Vector modules. The company supports customers through every step of the project, from establishing the problem, identifying a solution and then installing and commissioning the Vector equipment. ABB also offers a comprehensive PFC equipment maintenance and repair service anywhere in the UK.

ABB's CLMD capacitors are acknowledged worldwide as reliable, durable and fail-safe. They represent the combination of over 60 years' experience in manufacturing dry capacitors with state-of-the-art technology, such as the patented sequential protection system.

New-generation dry capacitors

At the heart of the Vector design is the latest evolution of the CLMD range – the CLMD03 - that provides all the advantages of dry capacitor technology in a compact case, delivering high performance within a small installation footprint. The CLMD03 features an innovative approach to materials and ventilation that promotes enhanced heat dissipation, enabling it to offer up to 50kvar in a single unit.

The CLMD03 design offers a number of exceptional properties such as: high voltage withstand capability; excellent peak current handling capacity; high capacitance stability; long life even under high electrical stress; very low losses; and exceptional self-healing properties.

Contact ABB for more information about the new Vector series automatic capacitor banks for power factor correction.

01 April 2011

ABB Ltd (Power Systems Division)visit website
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