Novotechnik TX2 IP67 potentiometric linear position transducers

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Variohm EuroSensor is launching a new range of Novotechnik TX2 series IP67 potentiometric linear position transducers with a compact yet modular rod-actuated design that is easily customised with spring returns, central threads, flange plates and other options to adapt the high-precision measuring sensor for applications across severe industrial, construction and agricultural automation environments.

Novotechnik TX2 series transducers are available in eight standard measuring ranges from 25mm to 300mm, with an independent linearity specification to 0.05 per cent with positional repeatability to under 10 microns. IP67 protection is achieved, in part, with a double-sealed actuating rod, and metal mounting flanges provide further protection.

Standard TX2 units include a backlash-free pivot head mounting with a generous angle of free movement of up to +/-12.5 degrees to compensate for misalignment, but the numerous cost-competitive options for special mounting and design additions - such as built-in springs and threaded rods - make the sensors very attractive where adaptation is required.

Rugged construction

TX2 series transducers have a rated life of more than 50million movements and employ Novotechnik's conductive plastic resistance element technology that combines specialised multiple printed ink technologies and multi-fingered precious metal wipers with an elastomer damping mechanism to maintain complete contact under extreme shock conditions (50 'g' for 6ms), with similarly impressive vibration durability.

Variohm can supply TX2 series transducers with a choice of IP67 three-pin M8 connectors or standard 2m cables that may extended on request. Many other options, including signal conditioning power supplies, displays and indicators, are also available. Temperature ratings for the connector option is -40 to +85degC and for the cable option it is -20 to +100degC.

The TX2 series is part of a wide range of Novotechnik contacting and non-contacting linear and angular position sensors available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from Variohm EuroSensor. Contact the company for more information.

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