GPS/INS tactical inertial measurement unit uses MEMS sensors

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GPS/INS tactical inertial measurement unit uses MEMS sensorsETLG Inertial Aerosystems is introducing the SDN500 MEMS-based GPS/INS tactical inertial measurement unit, which is manufactured by USA-based Systron Donner Inertial. The excellent performance of this product is based on SDI's proven quartz MEMS inertial sensor technology.

The SDN 500 is based on the company's proven tactical-grade SDI500 IMU, but now it incorporates a GPS receiver within a tightly coupled, powerful guidance and navigation control system. It also features the latest generation of quartz gyros and accelerometers, high-speed signal processing and a single-board 50-channel Coarse/Acquisition (C/A) Code GPS receiver.

Solid-state quartz sensors and sealed construction provide reliable 25000+ hours MTBF, and a 20-year operating and storage life. Continuous built-in test (BIT), configurable communications protocols, electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection, and flexible input power requirements, combined with expert applications engineering support, make the SDN500 easy to use in a wide range of higher-order integrated system applications.

Operating temperature range for the new SDN500 inertial measurement unit is -40 to 71degC. High-quality components with high-speed advanced signal processing deliver an in-run drift of less than 1 degree/hour. Suitable for use where space and weight are at a premium, the tactical inertial measurement unit measures 73.6mm x 73.6mm and weighs 589g.

ETLG Inertial Aerosystems says the SDN500 GPS/INS tactical IMU is suitable for tactical aerospace, munitions and platform stabilisation applications. It is also suitable for demanding commercial applications such as top-level laser range finding, animation camera control, robotics and aerial surveying.

For further information about the SDN500 MEMS-based GPS/INS tactical inertial measurement unit, contact Derek Noble or Richard Bowman on +44 (0)203 258 0023 or go to

04 April 2011

ETLG Inertial Aerosystemsvisit website
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