Metaphase ExoLight LEDs are low-cost for machine vision

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Metaphase ExoLight LEDs are low-cost for machine visionStemmer Imaging is introducing the Metaphase ExoLight range of LEDs as an alternative to fluorescent lighting for machine vision. Patented and patent-pending LED technology and advanced optics create an extremely even and diffused cool white illumination three times brighter than fluorescent sources over a longer working distance. This makes them suitable for low-cost machine vision lighting, including robot-mounted applications.

Available in 8-inch, 14-inch, 24-inch and 48-inch lengths, the ExoLight range of LEDs can be used as direct replacements for traditional fluorescent light fittings. They are available in a number of wavelength ranges covering white, red, green, blue, amber, RGB, UV and IR. They feature anisotropic plastic micro-lens diffusers to create a highly diffused light from multiple-point source emitters - unlike traditional diffusers that tend to reduce LED intensity.

The resultant output mimics that of fluorescent emitters, but with more power and a greater stability, combined with the legendary LED lifetime and a low cost of ownership. Since the ExoLight output is free from the typical hot spots inherent in other LEDs and does not suffer from the multiple shadows normally associated with high-brightness LEDs, these light sources provide intense yet well-spread area illumination.

ExoLight provides an end-to-end light emission with optional intensity control that fluorescent fixtures cannot match due to their need for complex ballast and starter circuitry. With no glass or mercury content and no EMI and RFI, these lights are environmentally friendly. Fully CE rated and maintenance-free, ExoLights have a typical lifetime up to 100,000 hours.

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