New voltage options for Wieland wipos P1 power supplies

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New voltage options for Wieland wipos P1 power suppliesWieland Electric has added 12V and 48V DC supply voltages to the existing 24V in its wipos P1 power supply series. The wipos P1 range is compact, reliable and robust, incorporating features to suit drive technology applications.

The 12V version is now available for 5A and 10A, the 24V option for 1.25A, 2.5A, 3.8A, 5A, 10A and 20A, and the 48V version caters for 5A. The switching power supplies for mounting on DIN rail inside control cabinets are designed primarily for use in mechanical engineering and process applications. The units have a wide operating temperature range of -25 to 71degC and an automatic and wide input voltage range.

Wieland's wipos P1 series supplies provide full output at application temperatures of up to 60degC, a long hold-up time of >30ms, an adjustable output voltage, active monitoring with switching output, and LED diagnosis for simple start-up. The units can be connected in series or, from 5A upwards, in parallel for improved performance, via screw terminals. wipos P1 power supplies have CE and UL approvals, are continuous short-circuit protected, and provide over-temperature protection.

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