TSA series E-Type thermal shock chambers use less energy

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TSA series E-Type thermal shock chambers use less energyUnitemp is introducing the ESPEC TSA series E-Type thermal shock chambers. This new range is described as economical, eco-friendly and high-quality. Designed primarily for use within the automotive industry, the two models in the range are suitable for thermal shock testing of integrated electronic equipment or any other electronic/electric and automotive devices, solder joints or components that may be subject to sudden temperature fluctuations.

These versatile TSA series E-Type thermal shock chambers feature a significantly reduced power consumption through a new innovative design of condenser, cooler and refrigeration circuits to give energy savings of up to 37 per cent.

Faults in vehicles electronics are often due to dew condensation, which causes corrosion, ion migration and malfunctions. For thermal cycle tests the ambient temperature range of the new chambers is 50 to 200degC, and the low-temperature range is -55 to 0degC, with a temperature fluctuation of +/-0.5degC.

New features

New features include an enhanced test halt function that enables tests to halt after cycle or exposure completion. The six cycle counters contained in the instrumentation can be programmed individually to halt testing.

Controls are easy to see and operate, featuring an LCD with switches mounted on the right-hand side of the door. Internal dimensions for the two models are 650 x 46 x 370mm and 650 x 460 x 670mm (W x H x D). They weigh 1050 and 1200kg, respectively.

Optional extras include defrost-free operation, a paperless temperature recorder, heavy-duty shelves, and castors for easy movement.

This new range of energy-efficient thermal shock chambers complements the extensive range of Unitemp test and monitoring chambers/ovens, and the company has the expertise to provide 'specials' to customer requirements.

For further information about the ESPEC TSA series E-Type thermal shock chambers contact Paul Brown on +44 (0) 1628 850611 or email .

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