New bio-hygienic elastomeric seal compound is anti-microbial

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New bio-hygienic elastomeric seal compound is anti-microbialEriks is launching a new bio-hygienic seal compound that is claimed to represent a significant breakthrough in anti-microbial rubber technology. Not only does the new compound inhibit the growth of micro-organisms, it also deters them from contaminating or colonising its surface.

Eriks 'bio-hygienic' is a proactive antimicrobial rubber compound that provides residual protection against microbial contamination augmenting decontamination procedures in locations that are poorly served by CIP/SIP procedures.

The antimicrobial agent – a zirconium phosphate-based ceramic, ion-exchange resin, containing silver – forms an integral part of the rubber compound, not simply a skin or liner. This means the antimicrobial properties always remain active and any abrasion or wear to the surface of the rubber actually increases the exposure of the antimicrobial agent and, therefore, the efficacy of its antimicrobial qualities. The result is a material that is not just inherently hygienic, but which also eliminates foul odours caused by bacterial build-up, plus discolouration and the formation of mildew and slime.

Standard and custom parts

Bio-hygienic's innovative technology can be incorporated into a wide range of compounds to meet a broad spread of sealing requirements, and can be fabricated into both standard and bespoke O-rings, extruded profiles, sheets and mouldings in HNBR-70, EPDM-70, Silicon-70.

Its antimicrobial agent is acknowledged to be safe for human contact, and is recognised for its effectiveness against a broad spectrum of micro-organisms. Unlike most organic biocides, bio-hygienic can be used in human- and food-contact situations and is just as effective in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, water treatment, beverage production and dispensing, with FDA-compliant grades also being available.

Eriks is also innovating within the dairy industry, and the company's Warrington Material Technology Centre has successfully extraction tested FDA-compliant compounds of nitrile, EPDM, Viton, silicone and HNBR to the new European EC1935/2004 regulations. DIN 11851 coupling seals for the dairy industry are also available.

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