Igus Guidelok Slimline (SL) guides vertical energy chains

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Igus Guidelok Slimline (SL) guides vertical energy chainsIgus UK is launching Guidelok Slimline (SL), a system that safely guides cables at heights up to 80m (262 feet). Guidelok SL is designed for vertical Energy Chain applications, such as those found on storage-and-retrieval units in high-bay warehouses, as well as elevators and material-handling equipment. Compact and easy to install, even when being retrofitted into an existing system, Guidelok SL provides for safe energy and data supply in extreme environments, including warehouses, deep-freeze storage facilities, crane systems and power stations.

Vertical Energy Chain applications are reaching higher heights, faster speeds and greater accelerations than ever before. In such applications, the Energy Chain is typically guided vertically in an enclosed trough to ensure that it does not swing out of control and damage the Energy Chain or cabling. The innovative design of the igus Guidelok SL locks the Energy Chain into position and is easier to maintain, since the need for a continuous, enclosed trough is eliminated. Instead the Energy Chain travels freely and safely between small sections of easy-to-install steel trough.

The Guidelok SL features two large spring-loaded locks that are pushed back as the radius of the Energy Chain passes between them, moving back into position where they grip the hanging length securely in place. This not only provides operational safety, but also reduces noise due to the smooth, controlled motion. Several manufacturers of storage-and-retrieval equipment for high-bay warehouses have already implemented Guidelok SL successfully while realising cost savings of almost 80 per cent.

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