New iglidur N54 environmentally-friendly bearing material

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New iglidur N54 environmentally-friendly bearing materialIgus UK has developed an environmentally-friendly biopolymer bearing material iglidur N54. Based on 54 per cent natural, renewable resources, the material is green in colour to reflect its credentials.

Described as an ecological breakthrough in composition, the tribological performance of iglidur N54 is not compromised. Suitable for use in bearing applications with operating temperatures of between -40 and 80degC and accommodating medium loading conditions, the material fits well into the mid-range of the iglidur family.

Available in both sleeve and flange styles, typical industry sectors for iglidur N54 would be consumer products, as well as general mechanical engineering, furniture manufacturers and industrial design. As well as having universal applications, and being maintenance- and relubrication-free, the main benefit of this material is that it is kinder to the environment.

Follow the link to watch a video about iglidur N54.

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