SLW Stop-and-Go features multiple carriages on one lead screw

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SLW Stop-and-Go features multiple carriages on one lead screwIgus is introducing the SLW Stop-and-Go as the latest addition to its SLW range of standard DryLin W slides with adjustable lead screws for precise movements. The igus SLW Stop-and-Go enables multiple carriages to be on the same lead screw but controlled separately. To position the carriage, the knob is lifted up to disengage the nut from the lead screw, while leaving the other carriages engaged on the lead screw. When the knob is released and pushed back into the carriage, the lead screw nut re-engages.

SLW units are available in anodised aluminium or stainless steel, and they feature high torsional stability as well as being flat, compact and completely supported. SLW systems can be mounted for movement in both the x- and y-axis, which is known as the SLW cross slide. Again, these systems are adjusted using a trapezoidal thread and, as with all igus DryLin systems, are 100 per cent lubricant-free and corrosion-resistant.

The DryLin SLW can be used in a number of industries, such as machine building and automation. Additionally, the stainless steel system, which comes with three options of liner – iglidur J for wet environments, iglidur X for high temperatures or iglidur A180 for applications that require FDA approval – is suited to applications in the food and packaging industries.

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