Guidelok Slimline F guides requires less space

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Guidelok Slimline F guides requires less spaceIgus is introducing the Guidelok Slimline F as the latest addition to its Guidelok range of guides that can be installed horizontally and vertically to prevent cables swinging with the movement of the machine and becoming damaged - and without the costs associated with using long troughs.

The way the Guidelok Slimline F works is that the Energy Chain is guided through a lightweight aluminium trough containing the igus Guidelok system. This comprises a spring-loaded roller support bracket that moves away on contact and springs back afterwards to support the upper Energy Chain run.

There are many advantages to the Guidelok Slimline F system but the main one is that up to 80 per cent less trough is required overall, and the Energy Chain is still protected from extremes of movement; this reduces costs drastically. The Guidelok Slimline F is also fast and easy to use, requiring less installation time and providing better access for servicing. Debris is also less likely to settle between the sliding surfaces with the Guidelok system, meaning that there is less chance of damage to the cables.

Guidelok Slimline F systems are suitable for use in most lifting equipment, but the greatest benefits have been seen on lifts, elevators, storage and retrieval units, cranes and hoists.

Follow the link to watch a short movie about the Guidelock Slimline F system.

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