Movie shows versatility of iglidur bearing materials

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Movie shows versatility of iglidur bearing materialsIgus has produced a short movie that demonstrates the versatility of its iglidur bearing material and shows how microscopic material transfer from the polymer compound to the mating surface creates very low-friction motion.

Available in a variety of polymer compounds, each with different properties, iglidur can be custom-designed into bearings for almost any applications.

Igus polymer materials are composed of a base polymer to which are added fibres, fillers and a solid lubricant. The type of polymer material used determines the bearing's properties; for example, its resistance to temperature extremes or chemicals, as well as the life of the product.

One of the best things about igus polymer bearings is that they are entirely lubricant-free. Where there is surface-to-surface contact, or any sliding motion, the solid lubricant is always present, making the polymer bearing entirely self-lubricating.

This tribological technology is used throughout the igus bearing range, including the iglidur plain bearings, xiros ball bearings, igubal spherical bearings, PRT slewing rings and DryLin linear systems.

To see examples of the igus products that use this polymer technology, watch the short movie.

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