Explaining the options for DryLin plain linear bearings

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Explaining the options for DryLin plain linear bearingsIgus DryLin linear bearings operate on glide pads unlike the more common recirculating ball bearing systems. The igus iglidur J, J 200 and X materials are suitable for most linear applications due to their wear and friction properties; being made of standard iglidur materials means that they are also lubrication-free, maintenance-free, insensitive to dirt and have a low coefficient of friction. In contrast to recirculating ball bearings, the igus DryLin bearings do not depend on the travel length and hence do not pose any restrictions on the minimum stroke length. There are four main types of DryLin linear bearing, DryLin T, N, W and R.

DryLin T linear guide systems were developed specially for applications in automation and handling systems. The design objective was a rugged linear guide for diverse and extreme environments. It has six gliding pads made of iglidur J that are positioned opposite each other in pairs to make up three bearing guides. The bearings are all continuously adjustable, even after installation.

DryLin N is a low-profile guide system that is offered in various widths and with low installation heights. The material used and the design make DryLin N a cost-efficient, lightweight and versatile guide system.

DryLin W linear guides are cost-efficient pre-assembled systems. The design of the linear guide allows extremely high flexibility in assembly and a simple installation using single or double rails. They are well-suited for applications that require good torque resistance, anti-corrosion properties, and a flexible linear guide system. DryLin W systems are also frequently found in sliding camera applications.

DryLin R linear plain bearings are based on extremely wear-resistant polymers developed specially for the linear technology. The dimensions are compatible with standard ball bearings, and the special geometry guarantees ruggedness even in the most extreme environments.

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