E4.1 light saves weight in dynamic energy chain applications

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E4.1 light saves weight in dynamic energy chain applicationsIgus is launching the E4.1 light energy chain as a lighter version of its popular E4.1 range. The E4.1 light is therefore particularly well-suited to highly dynamic applications and offers even more filling space for cables and hoses, as well as a new mechanism for quickly opening crossbars on both sides of the chain simultaneously.

The E4.1 light energy chain closes an important gap and extends the modular energy chain range, which already comprises more than 70,000 parts. Justin Leonard, the Product Director for Energy Chain Systems at igus UK, explains: "The E4.1 is so sturdy and strong that we have been able to make it even narrower and lighter. A cost-effective system, it enables our customers to build smaller equipment and provides them with the best design related features in a single product."

Specially designed outer links set the pretension (or camber), allowing assembly without pretension to be carried out in cramped conditions or for vertically hanging energy chains. For designs with a change of direction of rotation, such as in zigzag applications, the direction of bending radius can be varied by means of a rotatable inner link.

The 'tongue and groove' design, which interlocks the chain links, ensures good torsional resistance and high stability, particularly for side-mounted applications. For applications requiring high filling weights and long self-supporting distances, the double stop system with large stop-dog surfaces helps ensure optimum load distribution. Both the brake and stop-dog systems create a noise-reducing effect that results in a particularly smooth-running chain.

Finally, the interior separations are said to be easy to use and are optimised to be cable friendly; they are made up of only five wear-proof and abrasion-optimised plastic separator bars that can be combined and interchanged.

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