M12 circular connectors handle 10 Gbit/s data and 4A current

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M12 circular connectors handle 10 Gbit/s data and 4A currentHarting is expanding its range of M12 circular connectors to include field-installable versions with larger cross-sections as well as new receptacles for 10 Gbit/s data transmission.

The field-installable versions are based on Harting's HARAX rapid-termination technology and include the M12-XL for wire cross-sections bigger than 0.5mm2 and a five-pin version for a maximum cross-section of 1.0mm2. This means that cable cross-sections up to 1mm2 and cables with an outer diameter up to 9.6mm can be connected.

In addition, the cable side has been adapted to the requirements of the larger cables. The outer diameter has been expanded because, as the cables get larger, so do the loads that have to be absorbed. Vibration-proof contacts and IP67 protection are integral to the design, and the current rating is 4A.

Also new to the M12 family are angled and straight har-speed M12 receptacles for device integration in the 10Gbit/s data communications environment. The mating face in these devices complies with PAS IEC 61076-1-109 and satisfies the strict requirements of this standard on parameters such as NEXT, FEXT, return loss and insertion loss.


The new M12 mating face features an integrated shielding cross (x-coded) that protects against incorrect insertion with other coding systems while also shielding the cable strands - and the signals - from one another. The continuous shielding is a key feature for devices meeting the high-performance requirements of Class EA and Cat 6A. The materials have been selected to allow reflow soldering for the receptacles. Special requirements from certain application environments have also been fulfilled.

Follow the link to view the data sheet for the new M12 circular connectors (250kB PDF).

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