Continuous ink jet printer needs no routine servicing

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Domino A-Series continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers are now available in the UK. This new printer range – which is claimed to be the first in the industry to completely eliminate routine servicing – showcases Domino's new i-Tech intelligent Technology concept. This encompasses an array of smart technologies to make production lines lower-maintenance, lower-cost and more efficient. By integrating a number of i-Tech features in the new A-Series, Domino has delivered tangible productivity and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) benefits by completely eliminating preventative maintenance. Essentially, the company has replaced the typical annual engineer service with a process that involves the exchange of just one component - and which can be completed by any operator in under ten minutes. Key to this development is the new Qube, which enables users to dispose of exhausted ink and filters without the costly wastage of perfectly-serviceable electromechanical components.

The 'plug and play' concept also applies to routine consumables replenishment routine, which relies on colour coded CleanFill consumables for easy identification. All feature self-sealing valves for a safe and clean working environment.

Domino says the use of i-Tech intelligent Technology for monitoring and managing the A320i's performance optimises reliability and efficiency, and reduces significantly the overall use of fluids. Printer configuration and usage is constantly monitored and the consumables replenishment cycle adjusted automatically. This maximises OEE by ensuring the ink is always in the optimum condition.

Environmental benefits

Minimising the environmental footprint of the new A-Series was a key focus of the design team. The printer delivers tangible environmental benefits, using 90 per cent less system ink and 50 per cent less ink solvent than its predecessor, thanks to i-Tech intelligent Technology. The service-free nature of the A320i also reduces the lifetime carbon footprint of the printer. In addition, the A320i incorporates advanced energy-saving software to shut down the printer automatically when idle, and its weight has been reduced by 40 per cent compared to its predecessor.

Domino says its SureStart print head technology delivers pushbutton, walk-away convenience and guarantees that class-leading performance and print quality is always available - whether running continuously or shutting down daily, the A320i prints consistently and reliably with minimal operator intervention.

The A320i also features QuickStep, which is a new, simplified and standardised operator interface that is being rolled out across the company's entire range. QuickStep minimises operator errors and speeds printer set-up by eliminating complex menus and parameters in favour of simplified set-up routines requiring minimal operator involvement. For maximum versatility, interface options include a full-colour touchscreen or Domino's innovative SureTouch keypad, while multiple printers can also be controlled via a remote colour TouchPanel, a web browser or a PC application.

The first model in the range, the A320i, is available in the UK from March 2011 and prints up to four lines of code, text, automatic serial or batch numbering, and outputs from real-time clocks. Follow the link for more information about Domino's A-Series continuous ink jet (CIJ) printers.

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