I/O modules and RFID products for CC-Link networks

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I/O modules and RFID products for CC-Link networksBalluff is introducing machine mount I/O modules, industrial RFID and supporting connectivity products for use with CC-Link industrial fieldbuses.

CC-Link I/O networks typically wired directly from control cabinets, with IP20 I/O modules residing in costly and bulky enclosures. Due to the need to terminate all I/O points, such an approach has a high cabling content and is labour-intensive to install. However, installation can be simplified by using Balluff IP67 CC-Link machine-mount I/O modules and supporting cordsets by placing the modules near the sensors and actuators. The small footprint and ease of setup reduces component and installation costs, as well as decreasing costs associated with maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs. All connections, network and field I/O are now plug-in products for quick, error-proof machine build and service.

Balluff's CC-Link I/O Module has an innovative pushbutton display for easy configuration right at the block. An IP67 rugged metal housing withstands harsh industrial environments, and the ports accept two-wire or three-wire inputs. A full range of network and auxiliary cables is available.

RFID controllers

Modern production and materials handling applications demand high-performance. contact-free communications. With over 20 years' experience in RFID, Balluff has introduced CC-Link network connectivity to its high-performance BIS-M series of RFID controllers.

In conjunction with CC-Link, Balluff's BIS-M Series meets the demand for high-speed, long-distance data transfer, as well as offering 100 per cent data tracking, consistent error prevention, secure process control and reliable traceability.

The CC-Link fieldbus protocol ensures quick, robust communication between different stations, allowing the new BIS M-699 processor to be used directly on the network. Conformity with standards ISO 15693 and ISO 14443 and use of the globally approved frequency of 13.56MHz means the combination can be used worldwide.

Balluff also offers a 'complete RFID solution': special data carriers optimised for flush installation in metal, and operating temperatures up to 200degC. Read/write distances up to 150mm open up fields of application in virtually all sectors within the industry. CC-Link is the most dominant and fastest growing fieldbus technology in Asia, and is quickly gaining popularity in the USA and Europe. The open network is supported by the global CC-Link partner association (CLPA), which comprises more than 1000 companies. CC-Link is a standardised fieldbus designed to integrate different automation components from a wide range of providers.

Flexibility in use is guaranteed due to a wide range of different combinations of data carriers and antennas, and two read-write heads per processor. Save time with connector-based cabling, robust housing that is easy to install, preassembled function modules and diagnostics function that enable easy commissioning

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